About nLogin

nLogin is an authentication system focused on being practical, secure and friendly for your players.

Main features:


  • /nlogin <command> [arguments]: central command of the plugin. It is generally used for administration.
    • /nlogin support: lists the contacts for support.
    • /nlogin version: shows information of the plugin version.
    • /nlogin changepass <player> <new password>: changes a player's password.
    • /nlogin delete <player>: deletes a player's account (CAUTION, UUID DATA CAN BE LOST) - not to be confused with /nlogin unregister.
    • /nlogin dupeip <player/ip>: lists accounts with the same IP.
    • /nlogin forcelogin <player>: forces you to login to an account.
    • /nlogin unregister <player>: removes the password from an account
    • /nlogin verify <player>: lists information from an account.
    • /nlogin reload: reloads the plugin settings.
    • /nlogin update: controls update settings.
    • /nlogin spawn <operation> <type>: controls the teleportation mechanism.
  • /2fa <second factor> [arguments]: used to configure the second factor.
  • /changepassword <current password> <new password>: changes the registered password.
  • /cracked: marks the account as cracked.
  • /login <password>: authenticates the registered player.
  • /premium: marks the account as premium.
  • /register: registers a password.
  • /unregister: unregisters your account. (command disabled by default)


  • nlogin.admin: differentiates a player from an administrator. It is used to send notifications, grant access to administrative commands, etc.
  • nlogin.dupeip: grants access to the /nlogin dupeip command.
  • nlogin.verify: Gives access to the /nlogin verify command.
  • nlogin.discord: Gives access to 2fa via Discord.
  • Gives access to 2fa via email.
  • nlogin.twitter: Gives access to 2fa via Twitter.
  • skips the need to register an email if the require-email option is enabled.
Last modified 4mo ago